When I was a kid, my dad and his mates took us on a road trip from Toronto where we lived back in the 80’s to see the Niagara Falls. I was probably 6 years old at the time, and as kids do, for a good portion of that trip…

I don’t think many parents with full time jobs have really enjoyed home-schooling (understatement of the year?). For myself and my wife, both balancing full-time jobs and working from home, the news that schools were closed for us non key workers was a massive blow. …

the cone of uncertainty

Many teams show a reluctance to provide estimates. This is both frustrating and understandable to project managers (PMs) and product owners (POs) who might be asked to provide budgets and timelines to clients.

I have been reading up and listening to casts around ways to estimate when working with an…

Omar Al-douri

Agile Coach and Scrum Master

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